Tucked away on the second level of The Oh My Dog! Boutique Hotel is our exclusive 70's inspired Heart Lounge, a 750 square foot "living room" of luxe comfort for our hotel & day play guests. This relaxing, super cool lounge is specifically designed to give comforting vibes to a dog who away from home, ya dig? The Heart Lounge is the perfect place for your pup to relax and mix & mingle with other hotel guests during their stay.  

Our Lounge Attendant is at your dog’s service 24 hours a day and is dedicated to ensuring all aspects of their stay are superb. They say there is no place like home… but the Heart Lounge's positive vibes will offer the next best thing for your pup until you reunite. 😄

Heart Lounge amenities include:

  • 24/7 on-site care & attention by our hotel Pet Concierge. Their soul purpose is show your dog some serious love. 💗
  • Comfortable, dog-friendly living room atmosphere. 
  • 60" flat screen with Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu steaming movies. Dog friendly movies like it ain't no thang! ☺️
  • Robust vinyl record collection for your pup's listening pleasure. Groovy baby!
  • Bottled water service. Yes, you read that right! ☺️
  • Window access with plenty of fresh air, sunshine and blue skies!
  • Hot towel treatments for face and feet before bed.