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The Spa is composed of two open grooming areas where dogs are free to socialize while they wait for their styling. Our bathing room has a glass wall, so you can see exactly what your tail-wagging friend is experiencing! Our professional bathers use only the finest shampoos and conditioners to prime your dog’s coat for their fabulous style.

We do offer hypoallergenic and oatmeal shampoos for dogs who may have sensitive skin.  If you want to bring your own shampoo, we will absolutely accommodate your request! From the bath to the drying table, every square inch of your dogs coat is then professionally brushed and dried resulting in a super soft coat. Your dog’s hair is now clean, conditioned and ready for our master groomers to start their work.

Our groomers specialize in creating modified “show cuts”, which lends itself to amazingly cute styles that people (and pups) love and adore. We also offer additional spa services including deep conditioning treatments, paw massages and teeth brushing.  

Book your appointment today and see why Oh My Dog is consistently voted one of the best of Scottsdale! Chances are you have seen our fabulous work around town!