Day Play

The Oh My Dog! Boutique Hotel (OMDBH) offers the best dog day care in Scottsdale, complete with a variety of services in our new Old Town facility. 

We have three spacious day play areas that give your dog the freedom to run with the pack. Two active areas where dogs are grouped by size, breed, temperament and play style. The third social area, The Heart Lounge, is a 70's inspired “living room” for passive and older dogs who enjoy lounging & relaxing on the soft, comfy couches. 

We are in the business of bringing you peace of mind. Your trust in our ability to care for your dog(s) is paramount. We feel we have created an environment for your dog that will bring them joy, excitement and structure each time they visit us! Play on! 😄

Day Play Features:

  • Indoor, climate controlled play spaces. 

  • Modern, clean and safe facility. Expert care was taken in designing a space optimized for supervised group play.

  • Qualified staff from all areas of the pet industry. We are a team of licensed trainers, vet techs, show handlers and grooming professionals.
  • We train our staff to utilize positive reinforcement and other nurturing training methods to help our day play dogs learn (and retain) good behaviors.
  • Focus on individual attention for dogs throughout their session. Human and group dynamics contribute to an environment that will bring out the best in your pup.
  • Multiple outside potty breaks.