Play + Learn With The Pack

The Oh My Dog! Boutique Hotel (OMDBH) is a small dog only hotel (up to 30 lbs.) and the best place for your pup to play and socialize in Scottsdale! 

We have three spacious areas that give your dog the freedom to run with the pack! Two active areas where dogs are grouped by size, breed, temperament and play style. The third social area, The Heart Lounge, is a 70's inspired “living room” for passive and older dogs who enjoy lounging & relaxing on the soft, comfy couches. 

We are in the business of bringing you peace of mind. Your trust in our ability to care for your dog(s) is paramount. We have created an environment for your dog that will bring them joy, excitement and positivity every time they visit us. Play on! 😄

Day Play Packages

Full Day Session:
$30 for single session

2nd dog: $26 / 3rd dog: $22

Up to 12 hours.

Half Day Session:
$22 for single session

2nd dog: $18 / 3rd dog: $22

Up to 6 hours.

Quick Play Session:
$15 for single session

2nd dog: $13 / 3rd dog: $11

Up to 3 hours.


Day Play Features:

  • Indoor, climate controlled play spaces. 

  • Modern, clean and safe facility. Expert care was taken in designing a space optimized for supervised group play.

  • Qualified staff from all areas of the pet industry. We are a team of licensed trainers, vet techs and grooming professionals all caring for your pups.

  • Our staff utilizes positive reinforcement and other nurturing training methods to help our day play dogs learn (and retain) good behaviors.

  • Focus on individual attention for dogs throughout their play session. Human and group dynamics contribute to an environment that will bring out the best of your pup.

  • Multiple outside potty breaks.

  • Daily routine and report card updates.


Day Play Benefits:

  • Our custom playground equipment allows your pup to run up and down steps, through tunnels and practice balance on bridges & ramps.

  • Tons of space to run and play with the rest of the pack, all supervised by our training staff.

  • Plenty of mental stimulation with positive reinforcement training, including problem solving games and 1-on-1 mini sessions designed to work on basic obedience. 

  • Socialization is a tremendous confidence builder! Your pup will sleep, listen and take directions better with more interaction with other dogs.

  • Your pup has the opportunity to make lifelong friends!


  • All puppies must be older than 5 months to play and stay at hotel.

  • All puppies over 7 months must be spayed and neutered.

  • Vaccines needed: Rabies, Bordetella, Parvo / Distemper & Titer Testing

  • All dogs must not exceed 30 lbs. when full grown.

  • Schedule a temperament test for enrollment.

Up-to-date vaccination records and/or current titer testing & enrollment paperwork is due at your dog(s) first Day Play session. Sessions can only be used for dog(s) in a single household and are non-transferable. Day Play packages expire 1 year from purchase date. All prices are subject to change without notice. Packages are non-refundable.